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Welcome to Australia!

A beautiful country surrounded by beaches with white sand and plenty of sunshine - creating an illusion that life in Australia is like being on a permanent holiday.

Come and invest in this paradise and you will experience adventures beyond your wildest dreams. If you would like to know what kind of adventures please visit our website

ONE VOICE - ONE PEOPLE, Human Rights Defenders, came across appalling cases of human rights abuse in Australia. Whilst the violations of the rights of the aborigines have finally been acknowledged by the UN and the international community, OVOP are very concerned about the plight of thousands of people whose civil and political rights have been denied. The following statement is self-explanatory:

"Every democratic, industrialised country except Australia has legal protection of rights, including the right to equality, of one kind or another".
Mason CJ, previous Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia


Yours sincerely

Human Rights Defenders


Brigitte Straulino

Erica Studer
Vice President


16 September 2000