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Some Human Rights Websites

The University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
This Library contains a large collection of international human rights treaties, instruments, general comments, recommendations, decisions etc

Project DIANA Human Rights Archive
A reference tool for research in human rights law, with online litigation documents and links to reference sites throughout the Internet.

Human Rights Education Resource Centre
Databases for HR training and Electronic Resource Centre for Human Rights Education

Bora Laskin Law Library, University of Toronto Faculty of Law
Diverse information on women's international human rights law.

Australian Parliament House Library
Describes Internet resources relating to Human Rights issues.

Asia-Pacific Centre for Human Rights and the Prevention of Ethnic Conflict
Human Rights Links, United Nations agencies information.

The Carter Center
A nonprofit public policy center founded by Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter to fight disease, hunger, poverty, conflict, and oppression around the world.

The United Nations
The main website of the UN.

The United Nations HCHR
The UN High Commission on Human Rights is in Geneva, Switzerland. Full details on the various treaties and conventions and activities relating to human, civil, and economic rights.

RECA (Real Estate Consumer Association)
A consumer organisation in Western Australia seeking justice for retirees who have had their savings/superannuation stolen because of government failure to regulate the finance industry.

The Anti-Corruption Network
Say that their website is a ..." response to the growing level of official maladministration and corruption in Sydney , New South Wales, Australia. The people who initiated this site come from a diverse range of professions and occupations and have been drawn together as a result of their attempts to expose corruption and maladministration. Frustrated by the inaction of official authorities to act against corruption within government departments, we are now committed to exposing and initiating change through the power of the Internet."

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