Why didn't you tell me, Mother?

When I was a child you told me many stories, fairytales and legends to help me to understand and to learn about life and people. You explained to me that you wanted me to become a loving and caring human being, a valuable member of the human society and a care-taker of the precious environment we all live in.

Through my school life and my years of education I heard and read many more stories. I was taught that it was important to be honest, that I must obey the law, and that I have to stand up for my rights but that I must always respect the rights of others and treat everyone as equal.

During my wild teenager years you stood beside me. You encouraged me to become myself, to follow my own path and to develop strong values in my life.

Confidently I went out into the world believing that you had given me the right tools for handling life. Oh, Mother, why have you never told me the truth about the real life out there?

You knew perfectly well that the world your generation has created totally contradicts what you and the education system taught me. I have not enough words to describe the hostile and corrupt world I confronted, a world for which you all failed to prepare me.

Mother, why did your generation go so horrible wrong and forgot us, your children? Were you all too busy with everything else or did you not care? Truly, you must have recognised the first signs of corruption in your system and how it slowly but surely - like a malignant tumor - started to destroy not only the integrity of society but with it our future and the environment for all generations to come?

Mother, you told me that we all are born free and with equal natural rights, human rights. How could you say I love you and at the same time sit back and watch my rights, the birthrights of all future children being slowly but surely destroyed without you speaking up or moving a finger?

Everything you and the education system taught me served only one purpose: To prepare me as a perfect slave - totally predictable - for a corrupted system, whilst, to survive in your world out there I need to be reckless, walk over people and try to make as much money as possible. Unless I am backed up by a heavy bank account and assets I am not valued as a human being in your two-world system, one for the rich and one for the poor. What is the dollar value on my head, mother?

How do I overcome my nightmares and deal with my fears and my anger? Why didn't you prepare me for your world, mother?

Your generation has made history for having killed the forests on this planet to create mountains of paper that say something but mean absolutely nothing. Just words and no action!

Why did you all bring children into such a world of misery, an empty and uncaring society controlled by money and fears?


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