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The REALity Project
( Rating Equality, Advocacy, Liberty)

What is really going on over civil and human rights ?
Can we measure it ?

Does the UN work at all when the issues are human and civil rights? ... Why has the USA today the biggest prison population in its history? ... Why since WWII have the Western democracies bankrolled to the tune of billions of dollars various dictatorships so that the numbered Swiss bank accounts of those rich elites dictating to such nations are bulging while the ordinary people in those unfortunate nations still get killed by state agencies and live in abject poverty ? ... Why must poor Third World children die by the million in order to pay off billions of dollars of Third World debt ? ... Why even in western democracies, whose populations financed the loans, are such issues impossible to get honestly discussed ? ... Why do so many prominent people and politicians with power very openly support human rights causes and yet nothing changes and the abuse just goes on ? ... Why are courts around the world not only failures when it comes to protecting the rights of citizens but are routinely exposed as the perpetrators of massive injustice?

In the face of such chaos the question has to be ...

Where does human rights propaganda end ...

... and where does the reality begin ?

It is our hope that:

1) The scientific method and reasoning can be used to:

  • explain why civil and human rights abuse takes place,
  • uncover risk factors able to act as predictors of future abuse,
  • explain why existing national legal systems are failing to address such problems and at times further victimise victims.

2) A better national and international situation on civil and human rights is indeed possible and some limited action can logically be taken now.

3) A new economics can be devised that will expose the true cost of civil and human rights abuse and provide a clear and rational stimulus for change by pointing the way to a better formula for ordering human affairs.

4) Clarity and simplicity are hallmarks of real lasting solutions. Ockham's razor ("Entities are not to be multiplied without necessity.") and KISS ("Keep it simple stupid") are our guiding lights.


We also feel that some of the immediate problems
in addressing civil and human rights abuse are due to:

  • The vast sums of money that it is possible to make by abusing civil and human rights.
  • The extreme ignorance of the more educated members of the general public as to the large costs to them of human rights abuse, and the consequential failure of pressure from community leaders to address or research underlying causation.
  • The flawed nature of the very professions that the lay community expected would investigate and address civil and human rights abuse.
  • Alienation of the general community over the issue due to social programming via today's mass media.


At this time we are seeking to form co-operative links with others who feel that a top-down analysis approach to better human rights action is useful and that change via reason and scientific endeavour is possible.



ONE VOICE - ONE PEOPLE is an independent, non-party-political, non-profit organisation committed to defend human rights and fundamental freedoms and to contribute to the promotion and advancement of democratic societies, institutions and processes


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