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  In constitutional terms does Australian local government exist ?

(... jail if you seek answers by very actively questioning the legality of taxation by demanding to see the legal authority by which the tax is demanded before paying the tax?)

South Australia: Alan Keam was arrested by armed Australian Government officials at his home last night, Sunday 17/02/01 at 7p.m. and put in jail, and then released a few days later when a member of his family paid the tax demanded.

Alan Keam had asked the Local Government Authorities to produce their head of power to make sure that he paid rates to a legitimate authority. The Authorities refused to produce such documents.

The matter went to court and Alan Keam demanded an impartial independent trial and for that reason requested the court to provide him with a head of power. Alan Keam assured the court that he would do all things requested as soon as he has received the documentation. The court refused to comply with his request and the Registrar of the Court told Alan Keam in a letter that he does not want to have anything to do with him.

Alan Keam said he received threatening phone calls from a person claiming to be a sheriff. Then on Sunday 17 Feburary Alan Keam was arrested for being in contempt of court.

His official 'crime' seems to be that he asked to be provided with documentation from government authorities, which showed that they have the authority they claimed to have under the Australian Constitution to collect taxes. Could the real reason for the police and court action and imprisonment (which would have cost the 'taxpayer community' more than the tax claimed as being due) to cover up the embarrassment of the authorities over a serious legal error by the governments of Australia?

OVOP is alarmed by police action and arrest, being the State's response to a citzen's request for proof that authorities are acting within the Law, driven by a court that may be far exceeding its authority in order to cover up a serious legal and consitutional problem. Concern must be enhanced by the outcome of the 1988 Referendum which resulted in the defeat, by the Australian people, of a measure that would have given a consitutional basis for local government in Australia. Indeed the defeat at first sight seems to have ended any claim by Local Government would make to actual consitutional/legal existence. OVOP is seeking written advice from the Hon Daryl Williams, Federal Attorney General. [view pdf file of the letter. Requires Acrobat reader]

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