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Cases of Concern - Australia

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An important note and disclaimer about
OVOP case data collection policy

OVOP, because of the cost of travel, relies mostly on documents supplied by victims of human rights and phone call contact. Meetings with victims are not the norm. Our volunteers research cases put to OVOP to the best of their ability before material is published. OVOP takes every precaution possible within these limitations to present events, matters and documents correctly and truly as presented and endeavours to ensure that nothing is published that could be in any way incorrect, false or misleading. However, by its nature as an organisation of volunteers, mistakes may occur for which OVOP is unable to take any responsibility. If errors are brought to our attention, with supporting documentation, we will respond as rapidly as possible to make full correction and explanation.

The Studer Case exposes the Australian legal system as a 'lottery' and Australian property laws as unsafe. Overseas investors do you wish your life savings to vanish ? Then why not consider buying property in Australia !

The definitive case showing what the Australian "Class System" and what the scam known as "due process" in Australia are really all about:
Mr Hart (
a non professional) complains about negligent and failed surgery. To shut him up the professional doctors drug and torture him, leaving him with brain and other permanent injury. When Mr Hart sues the doctors he wins with a jury (who are ordinary people, not professionals) but the professional trial judge visibly annoyed by this then overturns the jury verdict by imposing a cost order that fines Mr Hart nearly 3 times what the jury awarded Hart. The judge holds that Hart's professional barrister wasted the court's time by asking too many questions ! So Hart must pay up ! Next a Royal Commission finds the doctor lied in court and threatened witnesses to cover up in court the reality of what he had done to Hart and how the same treatment had killed many other patients. Mr Hart now out of money depends on a pro bono barrister in his appeal. But 3 more professionals (appeal court judges) reject his appeal, again punishing Hart via more cost orders. Resulting in rewarding the doctor for perjury by finding that the doctor's appeal defence of double jeopardy had merit. (The defence case put in the appeal was that Hart's professional barrister had been negligent because he failed to ask enough questions and so failed to uncover the criminality!) So having been personally fined twice because in all 4 professional judges found his professional barrister in 1980 negligent on 2 counts i.e. asking too many questions (trial judge) while at the same time not asking enough questions (appeal court judges) Mr Hart now lives in poverty on a disability pension. This case shows that Australian judges can bring down any judgement they please as no path exists to question their logic. And why, unlike judges in other places, they have found they have no need for a formal professional code of conduct.

A case that proves that if someone quite illegally builds on your land the Australian courts will dream up a non-existing contract in order to support the illegal action and then dispossess you of your land and your home.

Australia has for many years tried to attract wealthy business migrants, but is now third choice (after the USA and Canada) of nation by such people . But with '3rd world courts' can Australian maintain even this rating ? Just look at how a UK migrant family were asset stripped by the court system working in co-ordination with developers and local councils who failed to apply the law.

Mr John Wilson a professional man - a dentist, sought to question Australian law relating to bank loans expecting Australian courts to be a place where rational argument and reference to the laws of the land could be used to establish or reject a proposition. But what he found was that the courts held that 'variable' meant 'fixed and certain', that New South Wales is in legal terms not part of Australia, and that he could without any trial be summarily sentenced to two years without parole and be locked up like a dangerous prisoner in a high security prison for publicly questioning these judicial findings in an innovative way.

Wilfred Taylor had a winning and very profitable product line and had developed technology that others wanted. But the vultures gathered and asset stripped him thanks to the way that Australian law favours banks.

Mr Latona a millionaire who lost the lot due to the fact that the Australian courts having accepted perjury and forged documents without question find that due process in a bankruptcy has been followed and even the Prime Minister of Australia finds himself powerless to intervene.

Bad professional advice combined with drought plus a government assistance program that did not assist but rather entrapped resulted in tragedy for farmer Barry Wilson.

A multi-million dollar asset stripping system is exposed ... But government and courts condone it by doing nothing, while the Tax Office says they know all about this scam but it's not within their jurisdiction !

How bankruptcy operates in Australia, a case related by Michael Vescio

In a State out of control alarm clocks become classified by the State as bombs, as a valid claim against the government insurance company leads not to a pay out but rather to police raids. Brian Fyffe relates what happened.

For nearly 20 years you present evidence to police and government that your son is being assulted and abused by those who have been given custody by the courts. But no one will listen or act and you cannot get custody back - rather the agencies claim you are a terrorist. Finally the truth comes out in court but the Supreme Court judge then says it's all too late, that no one will be prosecuted and so you are now left, unassisted, to take care of a 20 year old who is physically and mentally crippled and will have life-long problems resulting from sexual and physical abuse during his entire childhood. The Sammy Soames case

In constitutional terms does Australian local government exist ? As it seems you get jail if you seek answers by very actively questioning the legality of taxation asking to see the legal authority by which the tax is demanded before paying the tax?

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