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(... reporting progress on the OVOP Three Path Plan)

Our aim is process transparency.

September 2000 Status of cases submitted to the UNHCR

October 2000 Emergency Protection Application to UN   

11 October 2000 Brian Fyffe arrested (Updated 18 February 2001, Brian Fyffe still in jail and still no trial  for him, Read full details ! Just received from Brian Fyffe a very detailed account of the saga and how he has been oppressed by the State of Victoria from the mid 1980s. And a letter to the editor as his daughter seeks to let the public know the truth of this case.)

21 February 2001 Government arrest and then release another OVOP member. His crime ? ... seeking to determine if Australian local government exists or not and what is the legal basis for local government in 2001 - since the Australian People rejected by a massive margin the proposal put in the 1988 referendum.

4 May 2001 Whistleblowers Australia Call for NSW Education Minister to Resign

      TAFE Teacher Val Kerrison has been personally fighting her dismissal on medical grounds in the NSW Industrial Court. (She does not have legal aid) Val is just one of many teachers who have been processed by a NSW Government State agency called HealthQuest as part of a downsizing that appears mainly aimed at teachers who have long service with the NSW education department. HealthQuest has the power to determine that teachers are not fit to remain in service because of what they think - that is their psychological condition. A determination of this alleged medical condition normally plunges them into long term unemployment and poverty since having been found unfit to work on such grounds other employers keep well clear of such people. Such victims are not given the facility by governmental procedures to obtain independent psychological assessment to refute the medical finding by the government agency that they are guilty of thought crime that necessitates their removal from the teaching profession. Val Kerrison's thought crime is that she believes that corruption is present in the education department and sought assistance from more senior staff over the matter.


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