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OVOP's purpose via this website is to provide you with information about human rights abuse in developed nations. And by so doing to give many silenced and forgotten victims a voice.


... an item of interest from the mass media
... Australia ranks among the worst countries in the industrialised world for child poverty. And of course of 'advanced nations' Australia stands alone as the only nation that has failed to narrow the life expectancy gap between its indiginous peoples and the rest of the nation. Thus the aboriginal peoples of Australia have lives that statistically are some 20 years shorter than other Australians.

idea.gifOur research has exposed violations of human rights in places that the general public would just not expect, since officially the victims do not exist.

The problem was the more we looked the more disregard for human rights we found flowing from the very structures and organisations that one would expect to operate to defend human rights.

Indeed at the heart of such disregard is that abuse has become officially invisible to the elites empowered by the community with protecting the community. Further the voting public are not given the opportunity to vote on such issues because we are told economic imperatives are king today for all major political parties. Thus from all sides the voter is told: "First we have to be globally competitive then social justice and human rights can be fixed up, once our economic house is in order. Human rights alone will just land us all in the poor house! "

If rich and so called "advanced democracies" are exposed as only playing this "pretend game" over human rights implementation what hope is there for real reform and respect for human rights anywhere ?

We feel that ordinary people worldwide have had enough of empty words on paper and treaties ignored by governments.

We feel that political parties in power in reality have not got a clue how to address the human rights problems that exist.

We believe Community Education is the key to make human rights a reality. We believe that common sense on finding solutions does lie in the empowerment of a population as a whole and not with highly privileged and isolated persons such as judges or the dogmatic theorists of any one political party.

Via this OVOP website we seek, with your help, to set up a global network of informed people who can mark out a path to trigger real positive change that will provide a happier human rights future for our children.

Only the power of the individual person in co-oporation with others will change advanced developed nations from offenders into defenders of human rights. If such nations can be made to respect human rights, and so set real standards, other less fortunate nations will for the first time have real examples to guide them and meaningful implementation machinery to emulate.

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"The People's Quest for Human Rights"

ONE VOICE ONE PEOPLE is an independent, non-party-political, non-profit organisation committed to defend human rights and fundamental freedoms and to contribute to the promotion and advancement of democratic societies, institutions and processes.

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