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OVOP's mission is to play an active role in the global quest by ordinary people for the true implementation of human rights and fundamental freedoms as set out in the United Nations Universal Human Rights Declaration and Covenants, thus empowering individuals to have a voice in promoting human rights, fundamental freedoms, and the advancement of democratic institutions and processes that respect and implement the UN Declaration and Covenants.

In addressing this mission OVOP will take a wholistic view of the issues, looking not just at immediate cases of human rights abuse but will also seek to understand the chains of input factors that give rise to abuse. OVOP notes the following.

1. The principles and rights set out in the Universal Human Rights Declaration were adopted by many UN Member states as legally binding international instruments known as the International Covenants, and entered into force in 1976.

2. OVOP is a non-party-political, independent, non-profit organisation for the implementation of Human Rights and is dedicated to act according to the "Declaration on the Right and Responsibility of Individuals, Groups and Organs of Society to Promote and Protect Universally Recognised Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms".

3. OVOP is very concerned about increases in:

a) Poverty (Poverty itself is a violation of numerous basic human rights).

b) Injustice (Injustice is caused by deterioration of democratic processes, corrupt judiciary and legal systems, inconsistent application of the law and refusal to fulfill well-established obligations).

c) Violence and crime (Today's human rights abuses are the causes of tomorrow's conflicts).

d) Illnesses and disabilities (Many are a direct result of denials of the inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all human beings to safe working conditions, even more are indirectly so linked).

e) Environmental pollution and destruction. (Consequences of the ignorance and disregard of the human rights which are embodied in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights).

(OVOP notes where the ultimate responsibility sits and that, despite the UN's comprehensive legally binding legislation, violation of human rights occurs not only in "underdeveloped" countries but also in "developed" countries. Human Rights legislation is governed by the United Nations but ultimately controlled and managed by the various national governments.)

4. OVOP agrees with the United Nation's warning "that the denial of Human Rights and the fundamental freedoms not only is an individual tragedy, but also creates conditions of social and political unrest, sowing the seed of violence and conflict within and between societies and nations."

5. OVOP is committed to promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms and to contribute to the promotion and advancement of democratic societies, institutions and processes in that, OVOP will:

a) Carry out its own worldwide research and investigation campaigns to find out from individual people their understanding of Human Rights and also their concerns regarding failure to apply these Rights.

b) Assist individuals who rights have been violated. OVOP will support the individual victim who intends to bring the violations before the International Human Rights Committee.

c) Explore the non-application of Human Rights in developed countries by gathering the facts from victims of human rights abuse, present the evidence to the UN and to the global community and demand a satisfactory solution as set out in the International Covenants.

d) Prove to the UN and the world governments that Human Rights are issues which most people take very seriously and that the individual person tries very hard to protect his or her rights, the rights of their children and the future generations.

e) Undertake education campaigns through various channels including schools, colleges and universities to:

i. Explain the meaning and the application of Human Rights in the life of an individual person .

ii. Make people aware of the alarming implications should their Human Rights be further eroded or abolished via national legislation.

iii. Advise the individual person not only about his or her responsibility, duty, obligation but also about the rights as a citizen of the global community to request that the International Human Rights are implemented and made part of the law in each Country

iv. Inform people that "The global quest for commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights involves everyone. The campaign relies heavily on thousands of dedicated individuals and citizens' groups who often risk their lives for the cause. Increased involvement in the defence of human rights helps to build an environment where freedom and dignity are expected and respected. It is up to each and every one of us - from Presidents and Prime Ministers to business executives, farmers and students - to work toward this dream." (United Nations Publication)

v. Make people aware that without respect for Human Rights, Freedom and Justice for everyone there will be no Peace on Earth!

6. OVOP remind that the ideal and the objectives of Human Rights are only achievable if the various national Governments comply with the International Covenants they have agreed to put into force and:

a) Protect all persons from being subjected to torture and other cruel inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

b) Place into their national law the international Human Rights instruments they have ratified so providing equality before the law, protection by the law , and to thus strive to deliver justice and create "freedom from fear and want" for every person.

7. OVOP demand that the UN:

a) Persistently act to ensure UN member states, who signed to ratify the International Covenants, honor their signature and implement these rights in their national law codes and statutes, or revoke their signature and so withdraw from these International Covenants.

b) Invite all the UN member states to reconsider their position, as regards to their legal obligation as a result of them having signed the International Covenants.

c) Terminate the Human Rights Committee membership of Governments who revoke their signature or refuse to comply with their legal obligation to implement the International Covenants into their law. Any related privileges under the International Covenants, (e.g., the right to consult, advise and the right to vote on or about any Human Rights issues) must also be cancelled.

d) Expose countries which do not fully acknowledge and adhere to these principals of Human Rights.

8. OVOP will consult with Governments and the United Nations to assist and support the implementation of the proclaimed rights and freedoms into the law of the countries who have signed the covenants.

9. OVOP request that no more funds to be wasted to create yet more "paper treaties/covenants" because 50 years after the Human Rights Declaration the UN member states still do not comply with the existing International Covenants.

10. OVOP believes that in the absence of a real intent to implement these treaties the people on this planet are being misled. People are loosing faith and trust in promised rights and freedoms. For the future of mankind it would be disastrous if today's upcoming generation question the validity of international treaties/ covenants because these promises have proved to be nothing more than empty words.


How did ONE VOICE - ONE PEOPLE Human Rights Defenders (OVOP) start

ONE VOICE - ONE PEOPLE Human Rights Defenders is an international, independent, non-political, non-profit, Non-Government Organisation (NGO), founded by Brigitte Straulino and Erica Studer as a direct result of the human rights violations they personally suffered.

They researched the issues, contacting others, thinking at first that their experience with the Australian legal system had to be rare or even unique. But they discovered that many of other people had suffered similar violation and injustice.

It became increasingly clear that a mass of ordinary people suffer, going through appalling traumatic experiences with no help offered, as no equality before the law exists and a basic right of access to natural justice is ignored.

Having suffered the trauma of such violations themselves, and now aware that similar suffering had to be very widespread Brigitte and Erica sought ways of helping others and of letting the world know the extent of the heartbreaking experiences so many people were being subjected to. The outcome is the developing One Voice - One People, Human Rights Defenders which is funded only via member's subscriptions and donations.

ONE VOICE ONE PEOPLE is an independent, non-party-political, non-profit organisation committed to defend human rights and fundamental freedoms and to contribute to the promotion and advancement of democratic societies, institutions and processes.

(C) One Voice One People. Last updated: March 2000